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m Battle on Twitch Stream Arenas is playable on Twitch.
You only need the game to stream, play from chat!
Free on SteaM
m Champions A huge line-up of champions to dominate the Arena with.
With multiple characters released every month!
Free on SteaM
m Awesome Arenas Host Beautiful Arenas for your chat to fight in
Each Arena is unique and offers a different fighting experience
Constant updates and more Arenas always coming!
Free on SteaM Free on SteaM
Use the apps to update your characters and more during the !fight

Mobile Companion Apps

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Frequently updated with new content!

Seasonal Content and new Features

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Earn unique end-game items every season, titles, characters, icons, and more! A long road-map for the future of the game with more modes, depth, and features!

Be A Champion

Top the leaderboards as a Streamer or Chatiator for unique titles and prizes!

Arena Pass

!Fight in the Arena and complete the free seasonal Arena Pass!

Play Styles

Play as a lurker or take control and strategize your victory!

Strategize your fight!

"This is a really fun game to participate in. With all the games out there, where you can join through a twitch chat, this one actually keeps you on your toes.."


Community Oriented!

"Loving this game so far - it really involves your chat community!"


High Amounts of Interactivity!

"Amazing Amazing Amazing! Fantastic game to get chat super involved. Goes wayyy further than just typing a join command and letting it play out with chat being able to play strategic moves to help get the edge. Well thought out interactive game and I am so excited to see what comes out in the next bunch of updates!! "


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